SOlar Power Is future energy which helps to make home self sufficient in terms of electicity need. A typically solar power plant can recover its money within 3-4 years and it has a life span of 25-30 years. Our every plant which we install is a masterpiece. We have associated with the team of IITan which have the vast experience of solar energy. We have the team of highly trained professional who believes in quality of service. We have capability to install 2kwp to 2 megawatt systems on grid and off grid both. Solar sytems must be installed by professionals only, if you try to install system by just purchasing the panel online and adding a inverter then there is a chance you will mess the systems. If suppose there is any faults in the system while generating the solar power then it will be rectify only by a trained professional. we have a lot of local persons contact and said sir we have install the system two years back but its not working now. So one fully inquired about the products and the equipment which wee offer to the clients. We provide water resistant Invertor of make ABB or delta, fully GI structure. for more information you can call us We will help to find the best product available in market according to your need and suited you. solar power plant, solar energy,sun rays, solarsystems, solar water heater of different available with us. solar panels, Photo voltic modules available in different sizes and shapes depending upon the wattage of the panel. In small systems we provide adani, vikram solar on the other hand in big systems we have Bosch with us. Life of all the panels is almost 35-50 years. We have solutions for all residential and industrial clients every solution we design is best in class.
We are happy to help you, just make a call if you have any questions +918683020198